How many rental programs do you offer?

We offer three types of rental programs with two pricing options. Weekly, Month-to-month and yearly rentals. Our first program includes a number of copies/prints in our base rental rate. If you exceed the allotted copies/prints, you are charged a per copy/print rate. Our high volume copy program is our favorite for customers making over 30,000 copies/prints per month. Here you pay a base charge for the copier, and all copies/prints are charged at $.01.

Is there a minimum rental charge?

Yes, there is either a one week or one month minimum rental charge. If you use the equipment for less than the designated plan, your cost will be for the minimum period. If you use the equipment for more than the minimum rental period, your final usage will be prorated.

Can I get same day delivery?

Yes, our large inventory enables us to deliver your equipment when you need it. Most local deliveries can be same day.